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It has been a full month since our last post, so time for some updates.

Firstly, our search for a vocalist continues. Applications & recommendations have been made, and auditions played, but the search is still on. Where are you hiding? Don’t be shy, contact Sy (contacts). In the meantime, as announced previously, James ‘Duke Fang’ Begley (front-man of ‘Stuka Quadron‘) will be keeping us on the road. With the exception that is, of two booked gigs in March: Friday 16th and Saturday 17th. Both gigs are in support of Limehouse Lizzy, and for these two gigs only we will have a very special guest artist. Before I say who it is, a little bit of Saxon trivia for you: Saxon have had three bass players. The original bassist was Steve Dawson, and their current man, of course, is Nibbs Carter. But for two years between these two (1986-88), Saxon’s bass player was Paul Johnson (not to be confused with the ex Ghoad drummer Paul Johnson). Paul joined Saxon very soon after the band had recorded and released there 1986 studio album ‘Rock The Nations’ (at the time of recording, Saxon had no bassist and so Byff played bass! Paul was with the band for the promotional tour but is not on the recording). He was still with Saxon for the release of their ’88 studio album ‘Destiny’, but had long been replaced by Nibbs before their next release, ‘Solid Ball Of Rock’ (1991). Leaving Saxon was not the end of Paul’s musical career though. He has been a part of many projects over the years, and is still playing. And also singing. And also, for two nights only, fronting Saxonized! How Cool is that?

Our 2012 gig list continues to grow/morph: Do keep a regular eye on it (full gig list here). A couple of new dates have been added, a couple of venues have changed, and also a couple of band changes have occurred (from Ghoad to Saxonized). If Ghoad is more your cup of tea (over Saxonized), we are still there for you, but as Saxonized continues to grow we expect that Ghoad outings will become less and less frequent. Certainly for the foreseeable future though, Ghoad will continue to perform as time and energies allow.

So that’s where we are. It just leaves me to remind you of our first outing of the year this coming Friday 3rd Feb: Saxonized playing General Henry’s, Littlehampton, 8pm start. Hope to see you all there.

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