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Moses Gate – 17/09/11

Thanks to everyone who turned out to see our Saxonized show at the Moses Gate in Bolton last night. A good turnout and great to see so many new faces. We debuted 5 new tracks during the show (‘Ballad Of The Working Man’, ‘Chasing The Bullet’, and ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ from Saxon’s newest album ‘Call To Arms’, ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ from ‘Power & The Glory’, and ‘A Little Bit Of What You Fancy’ from ‘Crusader’) and they went down very well so you will definitely get to hear us play them all again at one show or another. It was also great to have Woody back on the team, sorting out the lighting and doing what a good roadie does (we should of course also thank Dave for his continued work for the band taking care of sound and the driving). Thanks also to Ray and the guys of Moses Gate for their usual great hospitality, and a special mention for Derek & Diane from the Saxon forum for putting us all up for the night: You guys are true stars!

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